Silicone Adhesive
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Function & Characteristics

1.Tasteless, non-toxic, good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

2.Low oil separation degree,  good resistance with high and low temperature, can be long-term use under the temperature 

   from –50℃ to 150 ℃.

3.Water Proof, no curing, no corrosion to contacted Metal material. 

4.Match the  latest environmental protection standard requirements.


UB-586Test StandardData
Cosmeticvisual checkGray Paste
Thermal ConductivityISO 22007-11.9W/m·k
Oil Speration Degree 0.1%
Cone Penetration

GB/T 269-91

Work Temperature Range -50~150℃

Product Application

1.Reduce  the solid interface thermal contact resistance,improve the thermal trasmitter of the interface thermal changing.

2. the auxiliary material to test the solid surface temperature.