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  • PHP Software Development EngineerNumber:1 SEX:Male Academic requirements:Undergraduate and graduate students


    1)Be responsible for the detailed design and coding work within the project;
    2)Choose to participate in the project technical route, put forward reasonable proposals;
    3)Overcome technical difficulties within the project;
    4)To assist the project manager to manage the entire project team, involved in project assessment, project implementation arrangements, participatory             project summary after completion;
    5)Increase the number of operators of the system BUG repair and functional modules;

    Job Requirements:
    1)Bachelor's degree, more than two years experience in the development of the Internet;
    2)Master PHP, JAVA and other programming languages in one;
    3)Open-source framework used to develop WEB applications based on b / s architecture;
    4)Master SQL programming, familiar with the database in a MySQL, ORACLE, INFORMIX, etc;
    5)Has a good team spirit, motivated, hard-working, strong ability to learn, to adapt to high-intensity work;
    6)Familiar with distributed applications, familiar with the WebService, SOAP, etc;
    7)Have good communication and collaboration;
    8)Be familiar with Linux system administration knowledge and experience in application development platform for Linux


  • software testing engineerNumber:1 SEX:Female Academic requirements:Undergraduate and graduate students


       1) Completion of independent testing program, and can determine the test resources, scope, strategy, objectives, priorities and risks;
       2) The preparation and maintenance of test cases and test data, writing test cases from requirements can be integrity, reliability, robustness, fault tolerance, maintainability, etc., and the system is able to extract the main business process test cases;
       3) The preparation of the relevant test reports, requiring data collected during the test summary accurately without omission, and the need to test results and test data analysis, and the analysis and recommendations given in the relevant testing and evaluation;
       4) According to the project schedule and timely adjust the test schedule, and be able to arrange specific test strategy based on test tasks;
       5) Assist departments training basic testing techniques, test the basic design methods;
       6) Write performance, automation scripts, and complete performance, automated testing.