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Exhibition highlights the new face of increased openness Huizhou digital Broad markettime2014-10-29 16:38:11source:
Hong Kong Trade Development Council Huizhou International Digital Festival regulars, three International Digital Festival, they are sent to attend, observe. The benefits to participate in the International Digital Festival, is to prepare for the June Hong Kong large-scale exchange of benefits between "cooperation between Hong Kong and Huizhou have been relatively close, in June this year, we will bring representatives of foreign companies and Hong Kong to Huizhou, hope to have more cooperation on the move. "conversations, on behalf of the Hong Kong Trade development Council were full of praise, Huizhou international digital Festival is once again have to do better than the next prosperous than ever.
As for the first time to participate in Huizhou International Digital Festival enterprise, Qingdao Hisense Digital Products Co., Ltd. on the International Digital Festival described as bright, the company official told reporters, Hisense company was officially stationed in Huizhou in February 2004, the past year, each company item of business is developing rapidly. He said: "Huizhou is a hot spot, there is a broad market prospects, not only the world's top 500 enterprises have settled down, well-known major electrical chain store sales have also entered Huizhou Huizhou digital products very public recognition, which Hisense company. It is a development opportunity. "