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Recent large numbers of harmful information online Chinese police special rectificationtime2014-10-29 16:42:22source:
According to CNNIC news it confirmed that Microsoft will be expected to come out next year IE7 browser directly support "Chinese .cn" domain name. This means that users only need to enter the Chinese domain name thereafter in Microsoft's browser address bar, will be able to directly reach the site. This will set off a boom in China Chinese domain name applications in 2006. 
Microsoft recently told foreign media, will eventually support international domain names will be released next year in the IE7 browser (IDN), and the corresponding strengthening of security features to protect users from phishing and other fraudulent attacks. In 2004, the CNNIC led the development of "CJK multilingual domain name registration standards", has officially been developing Internet standards body IETF approved and published. Chinese domain names became important international standards, as part of international domain name system. Thus, support for international domain names Microsoft IE7, will also support Chinese domain name resolution.
Previously, many domestic  Chinese Internet users through the official version of the software assistance, is commonly known as "plug-in", to achieve the Chinese domain names easy to use. After the direct support with Microsoft IE7 browser,Chinese domain names seamless connectivity issues on the respective browser application and will also be addressed. In the future Microsoft operating systems, the majority of Chinese netizens can just type "Chinese .cn" domain name in the address bar, you can direct the appropriate site. This initiative not only eliminates the need to install plug-ins, but also completely prevented people hated rogue software flooding.