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Business Philosophy

Strengthen independent research and development, technological innovation, and implementation of international standards of quality control system, development, produce more quality products to contribute to society, the integration of domestic and international marketing team building, enhance brand awareness and reputation, while improving product market share.

Corporate Vision

Talent Strategy

U-BOND implements "people-oriented" business philosophy,regards human resources as the core resources of the company. U-BOND provides not only a chance to work,we also hope that the excellent talents to U-BOND as slef discovery,self display and self realization platform for career.

 Social Responsibility

Become sustainable development  leader in the field, has been deeply rooted in the values of  U-BOND.Over the years, maintain the balance of economic, environmental and social responsibility has become between the foundation of our corporate culture.Sustainability we seek is the long-term, but also in line with corporate interests, it covers all the activities of our entire value chain.We have always committed to achieving sustainable development, and has established a good corporate reputation, has made the industry leader in the field.We are determined to continue this pioneer status.Therefore, we and all business units and external experts work together to develop a long-term sustainable development strategy, to address one of the major challenges we will face: performance optimization link between growth and resource consumption. The core of the strategy is a simple but quite challenging ambitious goal: creating more value with less resources, and by 2030, our productivity up to five times today. This requires all of us need to develop new solutions to change the current operations and the way they operate. We firmly believe that in the long run, sustainable development will be the key to business success.